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Leather has always been one of the most alluring materials known to man. As man’s earliest garment, it occupies a unique role in the history of fashion & remains as one of the few natural materials being used today in fashion garments, products & accessories. Building on this extensive international experience, in 2010, we aligned our manufacturing expertise and expanded our capacity to develop our in-house production & warehousing facility of finished leather products, together with a complete packaging design & branding unit. We take pride in working only with natural & full-grain leather, because Genuine Leather has its own unique authenticity. Its inherent natural qualities give it the strength required for durability & a natural elegance that becomes better with age.

How do we select leather ?

We select leather on Five key qualities:

  1. Color
  2. Richness
  3. Grain
  4. Grade
  5. Overall quality of leather

Only the finest hides of leather are chosen to manufacture our Leather Garments. Genuine vegetable tanned and chrome leather derives from the best local tanneries. Long history and knowledge of leather production guarantees the highest quality of our Leather Garments that perfectly combine tradition and innovation.

We use most natural and eco-friendly type of tanning leather. The end result is a genuine and lush appearance, and best of all, it  ages beautifully. No heavy metals or toxic substances are included in the tanning process of leather. We use only the finest full- grain Cow, Sheep, Goat., Buffalo leather to Manufacturing the Leather Jackets.

What is artificial leather ?

Artificial leather is a material intended to substitute for leather in upholstery, clothing, footwear, and other uses where a leather-like finish is desired but the actual material is cost-prohibitive or unsuitable. Wikipedia

What is Faux Leather?

Faux leather (also referred to as “leatherette” or “vegan” leather) is often considered as a lower cost alternative to genuine leather. Genuine leather is in high demand and for good reasons. … Here, we continue the comparison with two additional types of faux leather: PU faux leather fabric and PVC faux leather fabric.

Please note that www.Shahaliz.com only uses 100% genuine leather

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